January 29, 2010

Yang Zhu's Garden of Pleasure Online

I was just forwarded a link by a close friend which contains the notorious seventh chapter of the Liezi (列子), complete with a freely downloadable MP3 audio book. Hugh Cranmer-Byng provides the introduction to this decades old translation from Anton Forke, which the same friend gave me as a gift in print (I had been using the same e-text to which the above link links.) a couple of years ago.

The Liezi fragment is by far my favorite reading of the Yangist Nachlass, though not the most academically stimulating (the Lushi Chunqiu [呂氏春秋] better meets said demand and impulse). It's good to think of that chapter as a good summary piece from which further arguments can be constructed by adding the Yangist pieces that are tucked away in a few other books from the period.


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